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About Us

Wanted Licensed Mechanic  $25 - 30/hr

Xplosive offers a trendy, innovative vehicle buying experience to a diverse customer base. We've assembled a team of experts who are multi-faceted in the used car field.


Our facility is located on Myra Road in Porters Lake, Nova Scotia. It rests on approximately 1 acre providing ample customer parking and a large area for our vehicle inventory. It includes a state-of-the-art repairs/maintenance shop; with an efficient, comfortable office offering privacy and confidentiality while discussing your important personal information.


In the market for a reliable, substantial vehicle for your commute to school or work? We have the perfect car for you! Looking for something unique or classic? We offer a limited range of high-end vehicles designed just for the automobile connoisseur! Don't see what you want on the lot? We offer a comprehensive auto-finder service.


Looking for financing at affordable rates? Rest assured, we will assist you through our lines of low-percentage, dependable companies, allowing you to purchase your vehicle at a rate which best accommodates your specific financial requirements.


Led by our Operating Manager, Antonio, who has in excess of 20 years' retail auto experience, we are sure to make your purchase or repair completely fluid and seamless. Johnathan, our Tech/Advisor, is on site to assist you in all aspects of your vehicle repair from a comprehensive quote, overseeing the repair process and ensuring a 100% quality repair job from start to road test. Our Licensed Mechanic,  performs expert repairs using only the highest quality parts, obtained from well-known sources across the country. Our Facility Coordinator,  is dedicated to ensuring your involvement with Xplosive is a positive one; from front office to driving that lustrous new vehicle off the lot. Subsequently, she will be doing periodic check-ins to ensure your complete satisfaction our service.


Chat with a member of our expert team today! Don't let that last negative vehicle purchase experience deter you. We guarantee a 100% success rate to you, who are about to become our most valued asset, a completely satisfied customer!

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